Spring comes early on the Sunshine Coast. You can already admire early blooms beginning in late February. Nights are still cool, but the day temperature is getting warmer, and rain is not that frequent. While the mountain slopes are still covered with snow, the Coast’s streets are blooming which brings warmth to the landscape. Spring is a magical time of year when the world wakes up from its winter slumber and bursts into new life. It brings greater access to outdoor spaces that offer hiking, biking, kayaking, and other recreational activities. Spring is also an enjoyable time for families as kids have spring break at school and there is more time for family retreats. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here are some ideas for enjoying the beginning of spring.

Looking for outdoor activities? We’ve put together a list of activities to enjoy the spring start.

1. Admire spring blossoms in the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden
There is nothing more symbolic of this wonderful season of rebirth than the Sunshine Coast Botanic Garden’s lush spring blooms.

2. Go on a Bike Ride
With warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to take the bike out of the garage and go for a spin around the Coast.

3. Visit a Farmers’ Market
Most outdoor activities go on hiatus during the cold and rainy winter months, including Sunshine Coast’s many different markets. But once the warm weather of spring starts to arrive, the open-air markets around the city begin to re-emerge after hibernation.

4. Take a hike/ trail
Sunshine Coast is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, and spring is the perfect time to explore them. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, there are trails for all levels of experience.

5. Enjoy a picnic on the beach
Make sure to take advantage of the warm weather by enjoying the outdoors with top picnic spots.
Pack a picnic and enjoy spring’s sun-kissed beaches for a day of seaside fun.

6. Sit outside at a cafe
There are a lot of coffee-lovers on the Coast and with the beautiful weather why not enjoy a cup of joe outside?

7. Waterfalls hikes
Take a quick walk out to see picturesque waterfalls in the area.

Looking for indoor activities? Here are some ideas for you to share.

8. Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Center
The Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Center is a unique aquarium located inside Gibsons Public Market. It has a great collection of natural habitats , local marine fish and invertebrates from the water of the Howe Sound. It also hosts experiential, educational camps too!

9. Aquatic Center
Whether you are looking for a quick workout, a swim or just a float down the lazy river, there is a lot to do at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre and the Gibsons and District Aquatic Facility.

10. Library events
There is no better place than the library to discover new things. Public Libraries on the Coast house plenty of books for any age and the workplace for creativity and innovation. It also hosts a lot of events for any age, interest and need.