The Land

This spectacular land offers natural treasures at every turn, from coastal temperate forests and grassy, savannah-like overlooks to quiet beaches and the magnificent oceanfront granite of Gospel Rock.

The most favourably positioned,
naturally blessed site on the Sunshine Coast.


Imagine living just steps away from BC’s most coveted shoreline and letting the ocean’s ebb and flow dictate your pace of life. Touchstone’s waterfront location connects your life to the ocean with direct access to Gospel Rock and Secret Beach. Ease into your day with a gorgeous sunrise. Take an evening stroll as the sun slowly drops into the glistening sea. Let the tranquil beauty of the Sunshine Coast reconnect you to the natural world around you.



You know how recharged you feel after visiting one of BC’s most beautiful destinations? At Touchstone, you can feel that sense of spiritual alignment Every Single Day. With the waterfront protected from any future development, Touchstone offers panoramic breathtaking views that nourish and inspire. The elevation of Touchstone offers vantage points that look out over Howe Sound, Salish Sea, North Shore Mountains and stretch all the way to Washington, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


Touchstone at Gospel Rock is naturally situated to
soak up an abundance of the sun’s radiant heat and light. Each Touchstone home is designed accordingly, offering sun-drenched exposure for magical morning sunrises over Pasley Island, daytime brightness and spectacular sunsets. Good for the mind, body and soul, the warm glow of year-round sunlight has the power to lift spirits, inspire art and nurture delicious herb gardens. At Touchstone, your home is your sanctuary positioned for maximum basking.



In the true spirit of the West Coast, a beautiful network of pathways provides walkable access to the amenities at the boutique hotel, plaza, and general store. Wooded trails take you from forest to ocean, to three new parks and beach access right from your doorstep. Living at Touchstone also means enjoying the convenience of being walking distance to Lower Gibsons, just minutes away from all your favourite artisan shops, eateries, marinas and Gibsons Public Market.

The beauty of this place will
remain preserved forever.

Preserved Lands
and Parks

When designing a seaside community on the pristine lands surrounding Gospel Rock, developing an intelligent preservation plan was paramount. Touchstone will be a site-sensitive community, incorporating generous green spaces into the design and raising the bar for future conservation initiatives in the region. In total, nearly 50% of precious natural habitat is protected as parks and conservation areas in perpetuity by a legal covenant. This includes 23 acres of preserved maritime forest, waterfront shoreline, walking trails, viewpoints, picnic spots, and of course, Gospel Rock itself, which remains untouched. All residential zones are nestled in the upper bench lands, allowing residents and the public to experience this amazing land together.

23 Acres Protected

3 New Parks Created

Public Open Spaces

Walkways and Trails

Gospel Rock, and the awe-inspiring ocean and land that surround it, have always held a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike – now, thanks to legally binding preservation and sustainability agreements, the experience is protected for generations to come. We invite homeowners, visitors and all who are interested to become the Stewards of the Gospel Rock legacy and the protected land.

1. Lookout Park

Left virtually untouched due it’s unparalleled natural beauty, this cherished meadowland offers Touchstone’s two signature ocean viewpoints known as Little Africa and Cross Rock. From here begin your journey to the ocean and the Town of Gibsons.

2. Forest Park

Dominated by iconic West Coast trees, this meditative wooded area provides a strong connection to nature in the form of walking trails and rest areas along pathways that lead to Gospel Rock and Secret Beach.

3. Waterfront Park and Gospel Rock

Connecting Forest Park to the Gospel Rock lookout, a boardwalk and lookout structure is planned to provide breathtaking views of the coastline. Continue on to the shores of Secret Beach and all the soul-nourishing beauty and wonder that BC’s Sunshine Coast has to offer.