Sunshine Coast Trails

Getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and green grass is one of our favourite ways to spend time on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite walking and hiking trails for your enjoyment, all within easy reach from Touchstone.



Soames Hill

You can find Soames Hill just above Gibsons. “The Knob” is a 40-minute hike that ranges in difficulty from moderate to strenuous. Access from the east side brings you to the 434-step staircase. These trails are biker friendly but bumpy. Three Geocaches can be found on-site for added exploration fun!

Langdale Falls

This 45-minute hike is part of Sprockids Mountain Bike Park. This steep trail is recommended for skilled bikers and hikers only. The waterfall is slippery, and caution is warned. Look out for Geocaches for added adventure!


A Coastal favourite, Bonnie Brook is an easy walk for everyone. This medium-length walk or bike ride is sure to provide amazing views. Enjoy the beach with friends and family any day, all year round.

Lower Gibsons

From the Marina to the shops, Lower Gibsons is your walk and explore destination. Find yourself at the Gazebo boardwalk and make your way to one of the many restaurants, or explore the Marina and see the spectacular island views across the bay. You’re sure to find fascination in the small wonders of Lower Gibsons.


Roberts Creek

Just 10 minutes from Touchstone, Roberts Creek is a one-of-a-kind community with great, family-friendly hikes.

Cliff Gilker

Follow the colour-coded routes for the 1-2 hour hike. Start by seeing the waterfall and head down the bridges and paths. The 7km worth of routes keeps things dynamic and exciting. This is a well-maintained trail, with no biking access permitted.

Roberts Creek Pier

Meet up for the Annual Mandala Painting! Roberts Creek is a quaint town that is full of personality. Walk to the lookout, or make your way to the beach for an easy walk that’s something different.

Davis Bay Pier

You know you’re in Davis Bay when you’ve hit the curve and see the stretch of the Pacific Ocean. This low tide beach makes for incredible walks and beach exploration. The shops and restaurants add to the experience of Davis Bay. Grab a coffee and walk the boardwalk to the incredible pier. The views will never cease to amaze.



Sechelt is just a scenic, 20-minute drive from Gibsons along the winding roads of the Sunshine Coast Highway.

Snickett Park

When a waterfront walk is all that’s needed, visit Snickett Park in Sechelt. The paved walkways make for easy access. Follow the trail to the rock outcroppings to feel truly one with the ocean, or swing left and head to the Beach and Park for a lovely stroll. Local Bill Terry, an expert on Himalayan Blue Poppies, has brought this incredible flower to the coast and can be seen blooming all along the waterfront path. Keep an eye out for Salish Totem Poles. These historical figures add to the beauty that is Snickett park.

Kinnikinnick Park

Whether you want a short walk or a long hike, Kinnikinnick Park has all options ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours. These colour-coded trails have multiple trail options keeping your trek exciting and dynamic. This old-growth forest is full of life, providing a true BC outdoor experience. Check out the map to see all the access points.

Hidden Grove

With 125 acres of beauty to explore, Hidden Grove is your family-friendly trail with wheelchair accessibility and stroller access. The many networks of trails keep your trek exciting with all levels of difficulty to be found throughout the paths.

This historic trail allows the community to witness the traditions of Bark Stripping that the local shíshálh First Nation communities have been taking part in for thousands of years. Once trees are selected, strips of bark are carefully removed and treated. The strips are then woven into baskets, hats and bowls for ceremonial and day-to-day use. You can see specimens in the Groves that were stripped this way. These markings are important as they identify “culturally modified” trees and areas used by the shíshálh Nation dating back thousands of years.” You can see examples at the Sechelt Indian Band Museum Learn more about Bark Stripping here.

Living at Touchstone puts the best of the Sunshine Coast within easy reach. The trails of the Sunshine Coast offer a wide array of experiences for travellers of all levels and walks of life. Ranging in length, difficulty, and experience, the trails on the Sunshine Coast are the epitome of the pristine beauty and epic landscapes of British Columbia.