The Masterplan

1. Touchstone Village
If Gospel Rock is the soul of Touchstone, the Village can only be described as the heart, creating a welcoming experience for all visitors.
2. The Greenlane
A nature-inspired pedestrian thoroughfare that allows homeowners and visitors to walk the historic trail from the top of the property down to the spectacular viewpoints of Cross Rock and Little Africa.
3. Touchstone Inn
The Touchstone Inn celebrates its spectacular surroundings with an array of public amenities, such as a destination spa, restaurant and lounge and bistro, for owners to enjoy.
4. Ocean-view Rooftop Patio
As a Touchstone resident, you’re just a stone’s throw away from an elegant rooftop patio lounge that overlooks Howe Sound.
5. Outdoor Pool
6. Café

Located in the heart of the Touchstone Village Centre, the Bistro will be a lively location to savour a morning latte while enjoying the activities in the plaza next to the Touchstone Inn.

7. Touchstone Plaza
8. Artisan Studios

Bordering the Touchstone Plaza, opposite the Inn will be four live / work studio residences with the opportunity to offer retail arts and crafts, and other professional services residents will appreciate

9. Lookout Park

Left virtually untouched due it’s an unparalleled natural beauty, this cherished meadowland offers Touchstone’s two signature ocean viewpoints known as Little Africa and Cross Rock.

10. Cross Rock
11. Little Africa
12. Forest Park

Dominated by iconic West Coast trees, this meditative wooded area provides a strong connection to nature in the form of walking trails and rest areas along pathways that lead to Gospel Rock and Secret Beach.

13. Waterfront Park
14. Gospel Rock
15. New Pedestrian and Bike Path