Guided adventures with a tour for everyone!

The Sunshine Coast is surrounded by some of the most incredible natural beauty in the world: parks, beaches, mountains, ocean and rainforest. Tucked into the southwest corner of mainland British Columbia, the Sunshine Coast extends 177 coastal kilometres between the entrance to Desolation Sound on the northwest and Howe Sound on the southeast. Although part of BC’s mainland, some of these picturesque coastal communities are inaccessible by direct road due to the rugged mountains bordering the inlets and can be explored just by seaplane.

With endless options for activities, the Sunshine Coast is a city that begs to be explored. There are plenty of ways to discover nature, enjoy outdoor activities and investigate this stunning place. You can explore the Sunshine Coast by boat or kayak by water, or take historic walking tours on land or enjoy views of the Sunshine Coast by air on a floatplane flight-seeing tours 🙂 Whatever your style, your choices for fun, excitement and enjoyment are limitless!

It is always recommended to book a tour ahead of time, as some fill up quickly (especially in summer).

You can find tours for all the interests, ranging from a few hours in length to multi-day trips.

1) Exploring the Sunshine Coast on land

The Sunshine Coast is pedestrian-friendly with streets that are lively without being crowded. And with the city’s mild weather, taking a walking tour is an option year-round that combines sightseeing with a little exercise. You can take a walking tour with the guide:

or just just enjoy walking or hiking the trail yourself:

2) Exploring the Sunshine Coast by air

Explore the highlights of the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding area without the hassle of driving with taking floatplane and aerial tours. Floatplane and aerial tours give you panoramic pictures and the most breathtaking and unique way to experience BC’s Sunshine Coast.

3) Exploring the Sunshine Coast to get out on the water

Booking a boat tour or reserving a spot on a kayak tour to do some sightseeing in places is always an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. See more information about boat and kayak tours here:

From heart-pounding thrills set against a spectacular backdrop, through to serene journeys into nature, and family-friendly fun, you’ll find plenty of options to create smiles and build life-long memories.