As you can see from the photos, the Maycon Construction team is now set up and working at Touchstone. The main focus for the construction team is the civil / earthworks stage, including working on the road and preparing for the on-site civil work. In the images below, you can see the road areas starting to take form. The team is currently re-purposing existing rock on-site into smaller pieces to use in creating the road structures.

The equipment that you see in the photos includes an Excavator, which is used to move soil and heavy lifting of rocks and other materials. You’ll also see a Grader, which we’re using in the construction of the roads in Touchstone. The Grader helps us achieve an even surface level. The other type of machine that you’ll see in the photos is a Compactor, which compacts and further smooths out the roads.

As things progress, we will keep you informed of updates on construction and sales opportunities.