Living a healthy lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast is easy, with convenient access to all the ingredients you need, from outdoor adventure destinations to an abundance of healthy food options. Whether you’re looking for a community garden to grown your own produce, the next farmer’s market, or a great resource for seeds and gardening tools, we’ve got you covered.

It’s no surprise that the demand for organic food is steadily increasing. This tendency is constantly growing because people are becoming increasingly health conscious and are more aware than ever about the quality of their food supply. Consumers who choose organic foods are driven by different motivations and factors. The most common reasons for choosing organic foods are health concerns as eating organic links to a variety of beneficial health effects.

One Straw Society on the Sunshine Coast
One Straw Society is one of our favourite resources for all things related to organic produce on the Sunshine Coast. An impressive source of sustainable local food systems, garden creators, educators of traditional food, events, farm-to-table dinners celebrations, the list goes on and has for over 20 years. One Straw Society brings people together to share valuable skills, knowledge and resources with a focus on our human connections around food.

Creating Sustainable and Local Food Systems
The food system is a set of processes, activities, infrastructure and environment making a food chain from food production to consumption. Food security is a global rising concern, especially from the lessons we experienced after COVID-19. That’s why it is very important to build a local food system that’s healthy, regenerative, and resilient for now and many generations ahead.

Building Community Through Food
Food assets are places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn more about food. Community organizations and schools are included because they are places where community members can get support with learning, growing their gardens, health benefits, and connecting with others (while doing so) with shared interests

What are the benefits of eating organics?

  1. Organic foods are often fresher.
    Organic food is often fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer. If you love a farm-fresh taste, organic options will likely provide the best cooking and dining experience.
  2. It is free from chemicals and pesticides.
    Farmers who follow organic principles do not add chemicals to improve or fasten their growth. As a result, organic food consumption reduces the amount of chemicals in your diet, namely persistent pesticides.
  3. It is healthier for you and more nutrient-dense.
    Organic food is richer in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients important to health than conventionally raised food. Fresh food can also improve digestion.
  4. Organic produce is better for the environment.
    Nature-friendly organic farming promotes soil health and helps to maintain environmental health by reducing the level of pollution. Farms that use synthetic pesticides can cause damage to people living nearby, as well as to birds and animals, so organic farms are safer for everyone since they don’t use any pesticides.
  5. It supports local farmers directly.
    For a growing number of consumers, buying locally-produced food is important as it supports people and businesses in the community. This kind of support tells the farmers that they are on the right track, promotes sustainability and the ripple-out effects are good for all
    Sunshine Coast farms.

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