The Touchstone at Gospel Rock site has been buzzing with activity. The major focus for the construction team at this time continues to be the earthworks stage of construction, which includes road construction work. The locations of future streets including Village High Street, Village Crescent, and Prospect Place are starting to take shape. Another focus during the earthworks stage is soil grading with some reconfiguring of the topography of the Touchstone site to prepare for future building locations.

The site is currently being prepared for the placement of pipes. Did you know that the pipes used in construction are colour coded? The green colouring of the pipes that you see in the image below means that these will be for drainage and sewer use.

While construction is actively happening on portions of the property to bring much needed homes, nearly 50% of Touchstone’s precious natural habitat is protected as parks and conservation areas in perpetuity. This includes 23 acres of preserved maritime forest, waterfront shoreline, walking trails, viewpoints, picnic spots, and of course, Gospel Rock itself, which remains untouched. All residential zones are nestled in the upper bench lands, allowing residents and the public to experience this amazing land together.


As a reminder, as this is an active construction site, we kindly request that folks do not access the site at this point in time. For safety reasons, alternate places to walk should be found until the public trails reopen in the future.