Touchstone at Gospel Rock is blessed with an unmatched natural setting. In addition to the impressive future public parks that will be a part of the Touchstone community once complete, you’ll also find a great selection of fantastic outdoor spaces just minutes from Touchstone.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging and brisk walk through nature, or a quiet oceanside beach, we’ve got you covered.


Inglis Trail, which is the connector from Upper Gibsons to Lower, is just walking distance away from Touchstone. The tree canopy varies from open and airy deciduous trees to that of a classic west coast rainforest—Douglas fir and cedar. There is a breathtaking view looking over Gibsons toward Howe Sound at the east end of the trail.


Helen’s Way Trail also connects Upper Gibsons and Lower Gibsons. It enables casual hikers, mountain bikers or just self-guided walkers to explore and enjoy nature right in the heart of the town.


White Tower Trail provides an exciting walk through a forested area. Walking this trail you will find yourself standing among Douglas fir, hemlock, cedar, and spruce. The tranquil ponds alongside the trails are part of Gibsons’ “Natural Asset” inventory, as they play an active role in helping to manage the Town’s storm water.

White Tower Park is extremely popular with Gibsons’ citizens and visitors. It offers easy access to flat, forested multi-use trails, boardwalks and pondscapes.


Heading your way down Pratt Road and then turning to the right on Gower Point Road you will find yourself facing Ocean Beach Esplanade. This waterfront park is located at Bonniebrook Beach and has spectacular views toward Vancouver Island.


Secret Beach Park – just several minutes walking distance from Touchstone heading your way down to Pratt Road and Gower Point Road, accessing on the right-hand side just before a sharp corner that takes you to Gospel Road you will find the way to the Secret Beach Park. The beach is accessed via a long set of cement stairs. Located near Gospel Rock, this enchanting pebble beach overlooks the Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. This is a quiet spot to relax with a good book and occasionally look up at passing cruise ships.

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