We love exploring the local trails as the leaves turn colour in the autumn.The beautiful scenery, paired with the vibrant yellow, orange and red leaves, creates an enchanting experience. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about enjoying your next autumn hike.

How to get to the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is divided into two sections, separated by Jervis Inlet. Being a part of British Columbia’s mainland, it has ferry connections to northern and southern sections as there are no bridges connecting the Sunshine Coast to the Vancouver or Vancouver Island regions. You can take a ferry from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver to Langdale near Gibsons (southern section) and from Comox on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island to Powell River (northern section). The southern section includes Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Egmont and Pender Harbour. The northern section includes Powell River.

You can check the ferry schedule here:

Getting to the Sunshine Coast, the easiest way to get around is by car though there you can use the public bus service. You can check the public bus schedule here:

The best seasons to hike on the Sunshine Coast and how to stay safe.

Most of the trails on the Sunshine Coast are near sea level, so you can hike all year round. Hiking in the fall brings an extra level of scenery as the leaves change colour. However, in autumn, winter and spring, the trails can be muddy or slippery to walk. It’s important to keep it in mind and proper precautions should be taken before you set out: research your hike route, dress appropriately, and tell someone you are going and when you expect to return. It’s not just more enjoyable to hike with a friend, but it is safe too!

Be bear aware.

Whether you are walking along a local trail or hiking, it is always important to be aware that you are in bear country here on the Sunshine Coast. By being bear aware and learning about bear behaviour you can safely enjoy these recreational activities and keep our bears safe as well.

To know how to stay safe hiking or nature walking you can here:


The abundant dense rainforest with its spectacular hiking trails stretches from the mountain tops to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast. Typically the best walking spot is just the one closest to you, but here are a few of our favourite Sunshine Coast hiking trails to share!


Soames Hill is a must-do for everyone visiting BC’s Sunshine Coast. It has incredible views from the peak, so you can see all the way out toward Keats Island, the North Shore mountains, Bowen Island, Gibsons and the Salish Sea. Hiking the Soames Hill Loop is a fun and family-friendly activity. It’s a beautiful short walk through the forest up a well-built staircase. Moreover, it is a good workout too as you need to overcome more than 400 stairs but what could be better than to be rewarded at the end with a breathtaking jaw-dropping spectacular view:-)

Hiking time: approximately 1 hour.


Cliff Gilker Park near Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast is a great place for a short and easy hike. It has a colour -marked by Yellow, Red, Green and Blue trails that lead to lots of waterfalls and cascades through a lush rainforest of cedars and ferns.

Hiking time: from 15 minutes to two-hour loops.


Skookumchuck Rapids is the most famous natural wonder of the Sunshine Coast. This park provides trails and different viewing areas to Skookumchuck Rapids for visitors willing to experience the awesome power of incredibly turbulent tidal rapids. On a 3-metre tide, 200 billion gallons of water flow through the narrows connecting Sechelt and Jervis Inlet. The best viewing times for each day of the year you can see here.

Hiking time: more than 2 hours


A good family hike highlighting the marine nature of the park. This short hike leads past a beaver pond to the shores of Smuggler Cove. It is a beautiful area providing scenic coastal views of the cove and shoreline along the Salish Sea. This park provides hiking, swimming, kayaking and picnicking.
Hiking time: 20 minutes one-way on the main trail. Side trails leading to viewpoints and beaches could add another hour to the hike.


The Hidden Groves are two trail networks in Sechelt Heritage Forest. This walking spot offers many opportunities for coastal fun and is a favourite family park to explore the beaches along the inlet, admiring its incredible views. Calm crystal clear waters that look just like glass make for a great time camping, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and swimming. There’s a short section on the west side of Inlet Road but most of the trails are on the east side of the road.

Hiking time: varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours

To know more about trails on the Sunshine Coast you can learn by visiting the Sunshine Coast using the Sunshine Coast Mobility Friendly Trails Guide (source Sunshine Coast Regional District).