We’re excited to share that the Maycon Construction team is now set up and working at Touchstone. If you’ve passed by Touchstone lately, you’ll have noticed that their site office is now set up. This office, located in one of the trailers on the site, will act as the headquarters for our on-site construction team over the coming years.

The team has been focusing on the civil / earthworks stage, including working on the road and preparing for the on-site civil work.

Work on the construction fencing continues, with a combination of new fencing in some areas and repairs in others. As a reminder, now that construction work is underway, access to the site is restricted, so those who have been accessing the site will need to find alternate places to walk until the public trails reopen in the future.

Looking forward, in the coming days and weeks, you’ll see more equipment arriving.

As development progresses, we will keep you informed of updates on construction and sales opportunities as they become available.