For many years Canada has been a place that welcomes Newcomers to the country with open arms and open hearts. A culturally diverse country where open minds can be free to achieve new hopes and dreams.

The Sunshine Coast is a very welcoming place to everyone who wants to settle here and for those who found home here too! It attracts people with its paradise-like place, its chilled-out blend of water, beautiful beaches, amazing spectacular nature and outdoor activities.

New residents of the Sunshine Coast list the Top 5 reasons to move to the Sunshine Coast from their personal experience:

1. Beautiful nature

Absolutely beautiful! It is what comes to mind when you are thinking about the Sunshine Coast nature. To live right by the ocean with marvellous beaches, forest and North Shore mountains – these things you get when you move to the Sunshine Coast.. It is just a gorgeous place! Wherever you go, there is always a breathtaking view. The scenery is spectacular, impressive and awe-inspiring. You can’t help but admire it! Being here is almost like living on vacation!:-)

2. Mild Climate

Another benefit of living in Southern BC is the weather. The Sunshine Coast has a mild coastal climate— meaning that the weather here is quite comfortable year-round. Winters on the Sunshine Coast can be cool, and it obviously rains a lot in the wintertime, but it’s not cold. For those that don’t like snow, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place:-) In February, trees are starting to bud. It feels like spring by the middle of February. Everybody is excited in springtime, like March when all the flowers are in blossom.

3. Family/kiddie-friendly community

The Sunshine Coast has a really welcoming community! You can see smiling and friendly people everywhere when you go out. People just say: “Hi” when they meet you, not knowing you:-) The Sunshine Coast is a Family /kiddie-friendly safe area with a great community spirit. Excellent schools, sports teams, alternative schools and access to great extra-curricular activities and interests like music, dance, arts etc. make the Sunshine Coast a good choice for young families.

4. Outdoor activities

The Sunshine Coast, having a mild climate, provides access to lots of activities all year round. You can fill your days with any activity: hiking, cycling, paddling, boating, fishing, rock climbing, diving, golfing, swimming, mountain biking and all kinds of whatever:-). As local people say the Sunshine Coast is synonymous with adventure. Moving to the Sunshine Coast you can create your own adventure filled with opportunities.

5. Everything is close by

There are lots of things that are literally minutes from the doorstep: groceries, restaurants, cafes, shops, beach, forest, park …and Vancouver city. If you find you miss the big city and you want to go to Vancouver, you’re just a 40-minute ferry ride away. Moving to the Sunshine Coast is a great opportunity to be close to nature and a friendly community and at the same have access to a big city with all its entertainment..While being on the ferry it is the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature around as well.

When you first arrive, you may be excited about living on the Sunshine Coast and the adventures that are ahead but at the same time you can feel anxious and stressed too. While everything may look wonderful, safe and perfect, Newcomers often face many challenges as well including finding a place to live, finding work, settling children, adapting to living in a new culture and trying to make new friends. The good news is there are many different organizations at the forefront of helping Newcomers get settled.
We’ve compiled a list of valuable resources and organizations that could be a helpful hand if you are a Newcomer on the Sunshine Coast.


Sechelt Downtown
Sunshine Coast Regional District

British Columbia Newcomer’s Guide to Resources and Services has information to help you in your first months living here.


Welcoming Communities on the Sunshine Coast

Welcoming Communities on the Sunshine Coast is a program to help orient and settle the Newcomers on the Sunshine Coast.

Information about the community

You can get lots of free information at the local library (Gibsons District Public Library/ Sechelt Public Library).
Most communities have public libraries and public internet access. You can borrow books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and more. Many libraries also have books, magazines, and newspapers in different languages. They may also have books for English learners. Public libraries are for both adults and children. They are free to use. You need a library card to borrow books and other items. You can apply for a card at your local library. Bring some identification (ID) with your name and address on it. Some libraries have an online form that will help you join or contact them from home. Libraries can also borrow items from other libraries. If your local library doesn’t have an item you want, ask if they can help you borrow it from another library. Most libraries have activities for children, such as storytelling, reading and computer programs, and crafts. There are also events, workshops, and programs for adults and youth. Library staff can help you learn about life in B.C., and find government or legal information. Staff may also know about community programs and other services.

Regional districts may have information about parks and recreation.

Local tourist information centre.

Visit your local tourist information centre. It has maps and information about things to do and see in your community.

Information about exploring the Sunshine Coast

Great for maps and information about accommodations, activities, restaurants, etc.

Information about all manner of performances, workshops, music, galleries and things

Very comprehensive information from the Coast Cultural Alliance about all manner of performances, workshops, music, galleries and things artistic.

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