Creating an Art Focused Community

Touchstone recognizes the vital role art plays in enriching and engaging communities. As part of our ongoing Community Arts Program, we encourage locals and visitors alike to enjoy our year-round on-site exhibitions. 

  • We proudly showcase a beautifully curated collection of commissioned works from local artists inside the Discovery Centre as well as the future Touchstone Inn
  • Our public art installations will be integrated throughout the Touchstone community plaza, Greenlane and various parks, connecting people to each other and this beautiful seaside village. 
  • At the heart of our commitment to creativity is our live/work studios – inspired spaces designed for emerging and established artists to thrive in their respective mediums.

Sunshine Coast Arts Scene

Recognized internationally as a hot bed of artistic talent, the Sunshine Coast has become synonymous as one of Western Canada’s top art destinations. 

Featuring a dazzling array of famous, almost famous, and soon to be famous artists. “The Coast” is more than just a recreational and outdoor activity Mecca. Its burgeoning art culture is becoming a key driver for destination tourists looking to immerse themselves in this unique arts community. 

The Annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, “The Crawl”, typically held in October, is one of the region’s most popular and anticipated events. It showcases over 400 local artists in over 150 locations, and draws thousands of visitors from around the world.


Office Art – Jill Pilon, The Kube Studios

Benches, Coffee, Potter Bowls, Bar Tables and Stools – Kenny Torrance, Barter Design

Candles – Kenny Torrance, Barter Design in partnership with Atelier Harlow

Touchstone Video ProductionDolf Vermeulen 

Gospel Rock Original Painting – Marlene Vermeulen


Visit the Discovery Centre and experience the master-planned vision that is Touchstone at Gospel Rock.