Over the recent decades there have been many developers interested in building at Gospel Rock – and yet, their proposals were never moved forward because they didn’t include a preservation plan that truly protected Gibsons’ most beloved natural wonder, Gospel Rock. That is until now.

Greenlane Homes, Touchstone’s developer, set a precedent by establishing a preservation plan to protect this treasured land in perpetuity, and were given the final approval to rezone the site to develop a master-planned community in late 2018. .

A site-sensitive coastal community that incorporates generous green spaces into the design, Touchstone will truly raise the bar for future conservation initiatives in the region.

There are five crucial ways that Touchstone’s legally binding preservation plan benefits Gospel Rock and the community:

Creates More Park Space
Nearly 50% of precious natural habitat is designated as parks and conservation area. This includes 23 acres of preserved maritime forest, waterfront shoreline, walking trails, viewpoints, picnic spots and access to Secret Beach via Gospel Rock.

Protects from Future Development
The stewards of this land have long fought to preserve Gospel Rock, and now they can rest easy knowing this preservation plan will protect their beloved natural wonder in perpetuity by a legal covenant – i.e., no proposal to develop on Gospel Rock will be passed, regardless of who’s in power.

Promotes Community Stewardship
Throughout the entire design process, the community-minded Vancouver-based Greenlane Homes consulted extensively with the Town of Gibsons and local environmental experts on how best to protect the surrounding wooded areas and shoreline – this plan is a testament to community engagement.

Ensures Minimal Footprint
Community plan responds to the topography of its wooded site to ensure the least disruption to wildlife and trees. The result is five acres of protected parkland comprising of three diverse parks and open spaces for all to enjoy.

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